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Solar power FAQs

What types of rebates are available?

Both the State and Federal Government provide two forms of assistance when you install a solar power system:

  • A rebate when you purchase the system, which comes off the price of purchasing and installing the system.
  • If you’re eligible, Synergy will purchase the power (currently at 7.135 cents per unit/kwh) you don’t use during the day that you send back into the grid. We’ll guide you through the process to ensure you can sell excess power back to Synergy.
Do I need planning approval?
Generally not. However, if your property is heritage listed you will need to get planning approval. If you live in a complex governed by a strata agreement, you will need approval from the body corporate.
What if my roof doesn't face north?
Solar power systems can be installed on roofs facing anywhere from due east to due west. North is best for the most efficient energy production, however any well-designed system will match your solar production to your home’s electricity use.
What if I have a flat or low-pitched roof?
We recommend a slight pitch to allow for water runoff and self-cleaning. However solar power systems can be installed on flat roofs or tilting frames can be installed at an extra cost.
What size system will I need to run my home?

The size of solar power system you will install depends on several factors:

  • Your budget.
  • Number of panels that can fit on your roof.
  • Amount of electricity you use - a smaller system may be enough to offset your whole bill.
  • Your future plans - if you intend on starting a family and staying in the house long term, go bigger.
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How long does installation take?

Based on standard installations, most residential installs don’t take longer than 1 day to install. Particularly large or more complex installations may take between 1 – 3 days at most. 

What's the process after I sign up?

Once you have decided on the system you would like installed, we will:

  • Obtain authorisation to install your system from Western Power (the electricity network provider).
  • Once Western Power approval is received, we will arrange an installation date with you, usually within 2-4 weeks.
  • If you’re eligible, we will submit your application to Synergy on your behalf, which ensures Synergy pays you for any excess power you send back into the grid. 
What is solar power system and how does it work?
Your solar power system works by converting light from the sun into energy which you can use in your home or export to the grid. Panels on your roof generate electricity, this is fed into an inverter which converts the solar energy into a form of electricity that can be used in your home.

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What does a typical home solar power system consist of?

A typical grid connected solar power system consists of:

  • Panels that convert the sunlight into electricity and then feeds the electricity to an inverter.
  • An inverter that converts the electricity produced by your panels into a form that can be used by your home’s appliances. The inverter also records the electricity produced by your panels.
  • A bi–directional meter – this meter type allows electricity to flow two-ways and is designed to measure and record both the electricity you use from the grid and the excess electricity you produce and send back into the grid.
  • A mounting system is the equipment that secures your solar power system to your roof.
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Do I still need electricity from the grid?

Yes. Your solar power system produces electricity during the day. During the night when your solar power system is not producing energy, you will need to use electricity from the grid.

Installing a solar battery system allows you to store electricity produced, but not used during the day so you can use it at night and use less electricity from the grid. See our range of solar batteries.

If my electricity use increases, can I upgrade the solar power system?
Yes. Additional panels may be added to existing systems where a larger inverter has been installed. Where a larger system is required that exceeds the capacity of the existing inverter, an additional inverter can be installed next to it.

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What can affect the amount of electricity produced by my solar power system?

The amount of electricity produced by your solar power system depends on:

  • Panel orientation: panels facing due east or west producing about 15% less than panels facing due north.
  • Weather and the number of clear or cloudy days experienced in your area.
  • Shading, however new technology has significantly decreased the impacts of shading.
  • System size: larger solar power systems produce more electricity.
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Is the system installed by a qualified electricians?
Yes, our expert installers are qualified licensed electricians accredited by the Clean Energy Council of Australia for the design and installation of your system. For more information, visit the Clean Energy Council of Australia.
Can I insure my system?
Yes. Your system can be covered under home and contents insurance. Contact your insurer for further details or visit RAC Home Insurance  to see how you can get it covered for no additional costs.
How will I be benefiting the environment?
Producing electricity from your solar power system helps the environment by reducing the need for you to use grid electricity produced from carbon emitting fossil fuels such as coal, gas and diesel.
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